Saturday, April 5, 2014

Writers Are Thinkers

Have you ever asked someone how they think?

The answer might surprise you.

Long ago I realized that I was a slow reader...waaaaay back in the 1960's. There was a box... a cardboard file box filled with stiff, shiny cards...sitting on the windowsill in my fourth grade classroom. Upon these cards were short, encyclopedia-like blurbs about things like engines and planes and spaceships. The cards were color-coded, and depending upon how FAST you were ~ or how much you comprehended ~ you got to read the better colors. Always somewhat of a rebel, I quickly realized that I didn't want to compete to read. I wanted to read to understand. And that takes time. 

The writer in me was born in fourth grade.

When I read, I hear each word in my head, making it impossible to read fast. Not only that, but I re-read to give me time to think about what I'm reading.

In my teens, I told my sister about hearing words in my head whilst reading.   

"Really? You hear words?" she smirked.  
"Yes, don't you?"

My sister is an artist.

This started me thinking...(which I also do in words).

How is it possible NOT to think or read in words? Words are the only medium of thought that I can imagine.

I like to think. And I like to think long and slow. 

Hence writing.  

Writing is the ultimate tool of thought for me. Why? Because a writer is able to probe thought, tweak it, purify it, CREATE with it. A writer can paint on the canvas of someone else's brain, forming pictures of thought in another person's head with her combination of words. She can teach, share, bring forth emotion, explore, document, heal, bless.

A writer is a thinker. 


Taking the opportunity to write (and think) for 5 minutes on the prompt provided by: Five-minute-Friday

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  1. Oh, I like your perspective on a writer being a thinker. I have a tendency to read too fast because there are so many books I want to read, but this is an encouragement to me. I'm "thinking" I might be missing quite a bit by reading too fast. Thanks for provoking "thought" with your post. Visiting from FMF. Blessings to you...

    1. Thanks for visiting and thanks for FMF, Lisa! I satisfy my longing to read more books by listening to books on audible. That way, I can "read" and garden, "read" and vacuum, "read' and walk, "read" and garden... Blessings right back...

  2. Beautiful post! I took a writing class a while back and the teacher told us about this Stanford study which explored the areas of the brain which are used in the creative process. It said it was found that writers use EVERY part of their brain when writing. I found that very interesting. I appreciate all forms of art but like you, my heart is in writing. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Abby. I love that you said your "heart" is in writing...meaning, you write with your heart, I presume ;)

  3. I love the way you think;-) I loved your perspective on writing, and I too see it as a blessing and a gift (and as art) to "paint on the canvas of someones brain". Loved that sentence! I must admit that while I read your post I thought, "Yes, that goes for me too", until you mentioned your sister and her being an artist. Then I figured, I'm a little of both.

    I am a writer but also an artist. Sometimes I think exactly the way you describe and other times I am exactly the opposite. I am also very visual. Sometimes my thoughts are in images. Sometimes I don't know what I'm thinking before I've been sitting in 5 hours(or more) physically painting on a canvas, and then watching the painting I suddenly understand myself and my thoughts! It's amazing and wonderful how different we are, but at the same time we can recognize some of ourselves in others!We are all uniquely made. Thank you for sharing. Blessings!
    -Ava Sophie

    1. Oh Ava, that's just what my sister says! It must be a wonderful experience to think in images and watch your canvas express your thoughts. My "paintings" are done with living things and I love to watch them grow! Blessings to you and thanks for the comment.

    2. Yes, it is truly wonderful experience, but can also be really frustrating if I don't have time to paint my thoughts on the canvas or write them out(which has been quite often). It has made me realize that I need to give time with the canvas, with the writing and donate it all to the Lord ;-) I almost envy those who are great with plants! I am the one who tries and tries, but can't make them grow...But I haven't given up yet!

      Nice to share thoughts and experiences with you. Blessings.

  4. Lovely post, Becky. I, too, hear words when I read --and see them as well. I was fully grown before I realized that not everyone does that --or sees them in colors, as well. I love the way you tie your thoughts together to create your pieces of art.

    1. Meredith, I am captivated by the idea of seeing words in color while thinking. I would love to jump into that head of yours and take a look at that! :)

  5. I loved this 'thought provoking' blog post, Becky!
    I tend to read quickly...AND am also a thinker. I think, I THINK... A LOT!
    I think so much, that I have to re-read many times what I've read...because I think so mind wanders while I'm reading.
    For instance, as I read your post... I was thinking your description of the SRA reading cards. How they sat on the window sill; and how we were instructed to quietly, one at a time get one from the box AFTER we'd finished our other assignment. For quiet time in the class room.
    My mind wandered at that point ...and I had to re-read!
    I love words. I love learning more words. I am a habitual Definition Seeker... (my own label) ... I don't know if I think in words, or pictures. I think I might alternate...
    I loved this.
    I'm jumping over to see what others have written.
    Good to read your blog today... Pat

    1. Pat, Thank you for stopping by. I've been missing you while you take your blogging break!!!! But WE ARE kindred spirits, you and I, and we will have an eternity to explore and define...I hope to spend some if it serving with you.

  6. Yes! I write to think. I guess that's why I've been a journal-er all my life...It helps me process my day and my thoughts, as does blogging! Alas I'm a slow thinker, so can't imagine writing all this in 5 minutes! ( ; Thanks Becky. I love the way you write.

    1. I've always admired your writing, well organized and honest. I spent more than 5 after the thoughts tumbled out. That's why I like writing. When you speak it is out, not always said completely and not always filtered :) Blessings to you!

  7. It's true. Writer is a thinker. No one can write anything without thinking.
    As you said i am also a slow reader. If i did not understand i used to read it again and again. So it takes time to finish. If i am not interested i will finish a book soon since i will read without knowing anything,


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