Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bone Broth, By Any Other Name...

Jim has been asking all week long what I'm doing ...and when will I be done? I've been telling him," It is an experiment."  And each morning, Libby has barked and wagged, expectantly, as I ladled the steaming essence of life onto her Blue Buffalo kibble from my simmering pot.

I've been making Bone Broth.

What is BONE BROTH?  Merely bones and veggies, water and a jalapeno, simmered for a long time! So long, that the nutrition is pulled long, that the bones become soft enough to crush between your fingers.  So soft, that they can end up here:

Encouraged in my experiment by a fellow blogger, I've sipped the broth  for breakfast with a dollop of coconut oil, while rolling my eyes with delight!  

Our adult children would prefer another name for this new fascination of mine, I've suggested a few alternative titles: bone stock, bone soup...but bone is the objectionable word, I think.  Just as well -- it is the best name for something that used to be trash at my house.

I used to throw all sorts of things in the trash that I now see as treasure!

I found out that kitchen scraps don't go down the disposal...they now go here:  as treats for the flock of 7 chickens that nest and play behind a 30' span of our 15' tall Oleanders. 

 ( And , no...the Oleanders have not poisoned the birds...They didn't poison the kids, the dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks or the goat... either.)

I've learned in the past year --raising chickens, recycling, and composting -- how wasteful our modern society has become.  A "ton" (literally) of stuff that I used to throw away has been recycled.  If it doesn't go to the Hen Pen,  It goes into one of two compost bins, along with grass clippings, weeds, leaves, dryer lint, newspaper, chicken droppings.  And it gets turned into this: 

Thus, the essence of life continues to  be a blessing in places like this:
Kelly and I planted a veggie garden last year in her backyard that went crazy! We learned what to plant and what to plant less of, namely spaghetti squash!

I'm showing a small fraction of our squash. All from a few small seedlings!  Much of it was given away.  Some was fed to the hens.  

Hens, who gave us these.

After our eggs are boiled and peeled they go all sorts of places.  By now, I think you can guess at least three locations for the shells.  

Here is one of my favorite uses of the edible parts of our eggs.  

Now more of my story about bone broth. Last week I discovered another 2+2=__.

The eggs that I collected went right into the broth.  And after simmering 40 minutes, I ate them, rolling my eyes again with joyous delight...because they tasted like jalapeno and soup!  Guess where the jalapeno came from?  Yep...the garden.  This basket is full of bounty from our backyard...all produced by the very items in the!  

And that is what Bone Broth is!  A bowl of life!  

Try some. 

Next time you have a roast chicken, or ribs or steak ... plop it into your crock pot, add water and simmer  your brew for days and days...add herbs if you like, veggies in the freezer too long?...Plop them in...?  Sure!  Add water as the week progresses.  Spoon some broth onto your pet's food.    
Then strain.  If you don't have chickens, you will have to throw away the bones. So sad...  
But you will still be able to enjoy a cuppa...
BONE BROTH with a dollop of coconut oil! 

In fact, here is my breakfast!


And here is a link to more from my teacher: (  Blessings upon you!

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  1. Always creating, perfecting, simmering something refreshing to ingest... thanks Becky. What piece of music is playing in the background? Nice!!

  2. Linda, it is from the movie, Emma...the proposal scene. So lovely!

  3. looks good. I make a similar stock and use it to add to my dishes for extra flavor.


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